The Art of Organizing Kids Artwork – Part II (Project in Process)

My artwork organizing project isn’t complete yet, but I’m making progress. I’m nearly done with the sorting stage. (Did I mention that after my Part I post I found another box of my daughter’s artwork in the attic, and two more boxes of mementos I had saved in her closet?!)

Here’s my photo of everything sorted, with the “recycle” pile on the left, and the “save” on the right.

Sorting is hard work, and it took me a while. If any clients are reading this: I understand what you go through when you are sorting and purging. Whether it is kids’ creations, shoes, books, model trains or soccer balls…it can be tough to let go.

What helped me in this case was time: I was ready, and the time was right. I probably couldn’t have purged as much when my daughter was in Preschool or Pre-K, but now that she is bringing home Kindergarten creations, I realize I don’t have to save every “purple crayon” drawing as Janna says.

Keep the best, and toss the rest.

Still to come: my final sorting and storage system. Read Part III: Done here

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