The Art of Organizing Kids Artwork - Part I: A Professional Organizer Reveals Her Mess

I’ve written in The Neat Sheet and in this blog about how I need to get my daughter’s artwork, special creations, and mementos under control.  While I’ve purged as we went along I still have a lot saved…and it’s now spilling out from where it was piled in the attic hall into the guest room. Yes, even Professional Organizers have a dirty little secret project they need to deal with.

This has been one of those projects, and was nagging at me for months. So today I decided to start. Perhaps it was the cold medicine wearing off, or the fact that I had the whole house to myself for the afternoon, but I dove in.

I’m now in sorting and purging mode. See the mess I’ve made already? As I tell my clients, it often looks worse before it gets better. (NOTE: Several of the piles pictured are 6 inches high, and there are stacks of artwork in portfolios from the pre-school that need to be sorted and paired down. Oh, did I mention my mother is an artist who creates beautiful cards and illustrated letters for my daughter? These I want to keep…once I can dig them out.)

Later, after the sorting, I’ll work on the containers for the pieces I want to save. Thanks to Janna’s posts, I have more ideas.

Hopefully within the next month I’ll have my system set and can post the “After” picture.  Wish me luck, and stay tuned!

Part II: Project in Process

Part III: Done!