The Art of Organizing Kids Artwork – Part III (DONE!)


My project is done: the artwork is sorted and stored!  Though I recycled a lot, I still have folders full of my daughter’s masterpieces: one folder for each year to date. In addition, I kept some 3D sculptures, and a great scrapbook put together by her pre-school. All are stored in a plastic bin to protect them from water and dirt. This will be my archive in the attic. I have a small basket in the kitchen to catch the new things as they come in. I'll recycle what I can, and when that basket is full, I'll put what I want to save in my attic archive. 

Actually, this project didn’t take as long as I had expected. Three or four nights after dinner working on it and I was done. The longest part was that it took me four weeks to feel comfortable enough to recycle the art that didn’t make the cut. Admittedly, I looked through the recycle bags a few more times before finally letting them go. I know that what I saved is really the “best” and that it is plenty for us to enjoy looking at in the future.

Inspired by Janna’s post, I pulled out some of the seasonal artwork to display at the holidays. 

I was surprised to find a pumpkin very similar to the one made by Janna’s daughter. Here are the pumpkins created by our daughters…about 15 years apart!