Why get organized with That's Neat! Organizing™? See what our clients have to say. 

Now that our kitchen cabinets are organized, our evenings are much easier! That’s because before Elizabeth’s help our cabinets were full of half-empty pasta boxes, multiple jars of sauce, and stuff we had forgotten was in there. We spent our time rummaging through everything to reach what we needed for dinner...now we are able to open our cabinets, see everything inside, and grab what we want. Not only are we happy about that, but our little sons are as well!

****We’re still organized! Just wanted to tell you that a couple of years after your visits, we’re still organized! I hate to remember how our house was before.
— Nicole, Mom and business owner
One year later and I’m amazed how quickly I can unload groceries because everything has a place and I know where it goes. It saves me a lot of time, and the system is so easy I can keep it up.
— Susan, Sales Executive and busy mom
Elizabeth is a terrific organizer. She helped my husband and I to organize and set up systems for a very messy basement. She is quick and I was amazed at how much we accomplished. I felt lighter after clearing out the clutter and organizing the space.
— Catherine, Meeting Planner
Elizabeth is cheaper than therapy...and twice as effective!
— Berit, Mother of two and business owner
...as I type this I think of more wonderful changes you made. Dealing with my mother’s investment papers is a dream now thanks to the simple and easily-accessible folders you set up. The same goes for all the tax papers as well as our financial docs. The mail is easier too now that everything truly has it’s place - and those places are quickly and easily found.
— Eva, busy mother of two
Because of the help we received from Elizabeth, our paper and electronic files are much more organized...which will enable us to more effectively carry out our work and meet our goals. Thank you!
— Darcy, Non-profit Manager
I keep walking into the living room so I can stand and admire the guest room, the new cabinets and all the stuff within. Thanks so much for your help!

And I’m really thrilled to be at this final point in organizing my entire place. I know I will feel so much more comfortable and happy in my home once my bedroom is totally organized....I intend to create a transformation made possible only with your experienced help.’
— Ilene, retired
I feel so much more calm, and well, organized! This morning I was able to put away a TON of things in a very short span of time because I knew exactly where everything was supposed to go. It was really a pleasure working with you - we even had fun!
— Rachel & Joel, Busy parents
Thanks! Your consultation [before putting our home on the market] helped us get in gear to move everything out of the basement and was a huge help. We weeded through things and were able to determine that we could move a lot into the attic so that we didn’t need to rent a storage space.
— Amy, Manager
We needed to centralize toys, games and art supplies, and keep some out of the reach of a toddler, yet accessible to a three year old. Elizabeth listened carefully and then quickly worked with me to put things in order. We didn’t need any expensive organizing supplies. She had lots of creative and practical ideas, and actually made the process fun.
— Cindy, Mom and teacher