Spring Organizing Project #2: The Medicine Cabinet

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean huge projects. I find that getting a few small—but often used—spaces into shape can have a big impact.

This week was my second quick Spring organizing project: the medicine cabinet. Here’s my process:

  • First, I took everything out of the cabinet.
  • Then I sorted the items into categories: first aid, basic skin care, eye care, and pain relievers.
  • I purged a few items that had expired, and made a quick note of items we needed. (I keep a pad of sticky notes inside the cabinet – this makes it easy to jot down items as they run out.)
  • Since the shelves were clear I took the opportunity to clean each one.
  • Finally, I replaced the items keeping the categories together.

I was having trouble keeping small items together in the cabinet, so I tried a new product: a medicine cabinet shelf organizer. Usually I like to re-purpose items but in this case the container was made to fit on the narrow shelves. It worked perfectly and corralled all my skin care and nail care products…I might even get another one!

Follow these steps and in just 20 minutes your medicine cabinet can be clean and organized.

For another idea, check out my cousin Janna’s recent post that included how she organized her master bathroom cabinet.