Spring Organizing Project #1: The Laundry Room

This week Spring finally was in the air! (Of course that was followed by snow flakes a day later, but that’s New England weather.)

The beginning of Spring makes me think about starting fresh in my home…which means quick organizing projects to get things in shape.

The first quick project is the laundry room. If you have my 12 Months of Organizing: A Quarter At a Time calendar, you know why! I won’t repeat all the steps from the calendar, but remember to clean the space, recycle empty detergent bottles, and put away all the things that have crept into the area that don’t belong!

I also want to mention a few of my favoritetools to organize the space:

  • A table. My laundry space isn’t big but having a flat space for sorting and folding clothes comes in handy.
  • Extra laundry baskets marked “cold” and “warm.” Again, I don’t have lots of space in my laundry area but it’s helpful to have baskets to sort out the loads. It brings some order to all the loads of laundry instead of leaving them in one heap on the floor.

Take 30 minutes today and organize your laundry room.