Product Review: Auto Trash Bag from The Mod Mobile

Containing litter in my car is now a snap, thanks to the stylish Auto Trash Bag from The Mod Mobile!

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve been posting about car organization. It all started when I was interviewed by The Boston Globe for an article; the writer was getting his first new car, and wanted ideas for keeping it looking like new. My tips appeared in the second part of this Globe car organization article.

In the first part of the article the writer mentions cool, hand-made auto trash bags from The Mod Mobile. He picks out one for his new car.

I had heard about this trash bag a while ago, and at one point even thought I could make my own (researched sewing instructions online)…but since I don’t sew often, I finally decided to purchase one. I’ve upgraded from a plastic bag to a hand-made, beautiful-but-tough, piece of art.

After all, a trash bag is something that I use all the time, so why not get something fun?

And as a bonus, my daughter loves how it looks and is now eagerly looking for things to toss in. As I tell my clients, if you find an organizing tool that you love to look at, you’ll really use it.

That’s Neat! Organizing did not receive any compensation for this review. I just love the product!