Mom Likes a Clean Car

Do you have a Mother’s Day tradition with your Mom or family?

I look forward to Mother’s Day every year…not only for the special meals and fun family outing we take, but for a clean and organized car.

After the long winter by May my car can really use a good cleaning. It’s finally time to replace the ice-scraper with the sunscreen and beach towels.

So what is my Mother’s Day gift each year? My husband gets my car detailed. It is by far my most favorite gift and has become our tradition.

It is also a reminder that the perfect gift doesn’t always have to mean buying more stuff.

So this Mother’s Day, get creative! What can you do to make your Mom’s life a little easier?

And for my tips on clearing clutter in your car, read my quotes in The Boston Globe article, “Cleaning, organizing tips to help prolong new car’s shine.”