Product Review: My Favorite Clear Containers

I’m often asked, “so where do you get your containers? Is there a secret store that only Professional Organizers know about?” No, we don’t have an inside deal on containers, and I buy them at the same places you do…Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, and The Container Store.

But when it comes to clear shoe boxes and sweater boxes, I recommend the ones from The Container Store. Why you ask?

1. Clarity: Using a clear container for many things is a given. But The Container Store boxes are much clearer than other brands…and clearer than ones I had from years ago. I noticed this recently as I replaced my older large storage boxes with The Container Store sweater boxes. Using smaller boxes on my high closet shelf now makes it easier for me to bring down just the bin of sweaters I need…instead of pulling down the huge under-the-bed box I had been using.

2. Stackable: The Container Store clear boxes stack easily and kind of snap into place.

3. Sturdy: I like how the box lids snap on tightly, and the plastic is strong and durable.

4. Versatile: While The Container Store boxes are perfect for sweaters, boots and shoes as their names imply…I have also used them at clients homes to organize:

  • office supplies
  • craft supplies
  • kids artwork
  • pantry items
  • basement shelves
  • even food in the freezer!

Of course I received no compensation for this post…I just have come to love this product.