A Simple Shelf Solution for Gardening Tools

When I moved in to my house we set up a folding table in our basement and I unpacked my gardening things. I thought I'd use the table as a potting area, but nine years later, it was mainly used for storage. And not very good storage: tools and sprays were scattered around on top, while pots and soil bags were lost underneath.

One of my organizing matras for my clients is "use the vertical space," and I finally applied this to myself. The addition of a sturdy shelving unit (from Costco) made all the difference in organizing my gardening tools. With the shelving unit I gained more space, and it was less deep than the table, making it much easier to see what I had. Since the shelves are adjustable, I arranged them to fit my large bins on the bottom. My hand tools are out in a bucket at eye level so I can quickly grab what I need. 

These shelves provide excellent storage and I had used them in other areas in my basement. When you need to add storage, don't forget to think vertical shelves. Happy gardening!


It's Spring: Get Your Garden Tools Ready to Go

This week I helped a client (a landscape designer) to organize her garden tools and supplies! It was such a treat to think past the snow and towards gardening.
Top tips for organizing garden things: 

  • Use your vertical space. This client had a small section of the basement for her garden supplies, but she used the wall space efficiently: she had one rack for long handled tools, and was planning to purchase 2 smaller racks to hold hand tools.
  • Hooks also help maximize wall space. I loved how this client used a hook, cinch strap and zip ties to keep her favorite hose organized for the winter. 
  • Use bins to corral small items. We used plastic and metal bins to keep gloves, hose parts, and seed packets organized. 
  • Label the bins for easy reference. 
  • Only keep what you really use. Broken tools and planters need to go or be recycled.

This article was first published in the March/April 2015 edition of The Neat Sheet newsletter