Switching Kids Rooms

Moving rooms around in your house is never an easy task…especially when it is the hottest week of summer.

I recently got a call from a busy working mom of four. She had started a big project of swapping her kids rooms. Thanks to a renovation, her oldest daughter was getting her own room for the first time. While most of the furniture was in the proper room, all four kids’ clothes and toys weren’t…and this client needed this project done quickly.

On a sweltering night, my client’s husband took all the kids out to a friend’s house, and we dove in to the project. Before I even arrived the client had started and made a ton of progress. Just knowing I was coming got her inspired to move ahead with the “overwhelming job.”

We moved around the furniture in the daughter’s new room to a more efficient layout, then started to sort and put away her clothes. Of course we found lots of clothes and things that belonged in other kids’ rooms, so along the way we switched some dressers and moved other furniture. Did I mention that we folded and put away a ton of clothes?

With some help from iced coffees, water, and fans we finally got all the “girls stuff” out of the son’s bedroom, and everyone was happy…especially mom. It’s amazing how much can be done in a few hours when you have the right motivation.

See below for the “before” and “after” photos.