Happy Anniversary to One of My Favorite Organizing Tools

30 years ago this month, 3M unveiled one of my most-used and beloved organizing tools: the Post-it Note! Here are 3 of my favorite ways to use Post-it Notes:

  • For my daily to do list: no more than 3-5 items!

  • For my list of errands…the note pads sit on my desk so I can jot down errands as I think of them, then the note moves to the door, then sticks in my car or my bag as a reminder

  • As temporary labels: when organizing drawers or bins for myself or a client, I use the notes as temporary labels; once I know the system works, I can do a more permanent label

Notice that I didn’t say I stick them all over my computer screen! One note might be OK, but if you have them circling your screen you need a better system.

It’s hard to believe this little invention has been around for three decades. For Post-it Note history and fun facts, including the marketing pilot called the Boise Blitz, check out the 3M website.

Note: Post-it brand notes are a registered trademark of 3M Corporation.