Ready to Return?

Everyone loves to leave on vacation, but few of us like to return.

Here are my organization tricks to make the “re-entry” back to reality easier:

  • Before I leave I write a list of critical things I need to do once I return (like pay certain bills, call client, etc.). All this races through my head before I leave but I can put it on the list and forget it while I’m away.
  • Clean up the kitchen before you go away. I like to come home to a clean kitchen.
  • Once you return, start laundry right away. My husband and I now bring our bags right from the car into the laundry room. We empty the dirty laundry and get at least one load started as soon as we are home.
  • Unpack as you can…laundry and clothes are first, the other items may take a few days to get put away.

Bon voyage!