How to Stay Sane? Tip 2: Get Rid of the Stuff

In my last post about how to stay sane during a kitchen renovation, I shared Tip 1: make a list (or two). 

Tip 2: get rid of as much excess stuff as possible.

In going through my kitchen to pack it all up, I inevitably found a few more things that we could let go; how many cheese graters and coffee grinders does a family need? As I’ve written before, home improvement projects create the perfect time to pause and purge.

And because I needed to store the kitchen items in the attic and the basement during the renovation, I was forced to confront those spaces as well.

The books and clothes from the attic that I had planned to give away months ago – donated.  The box of dishes and vases for the consignment store – taken.  The outdated cell phones and electronics from the basement – gone!  Some items have been sold, but most have been donated.

How do we get the stuff out? I used Craigslist to sell the exercise equipment we never used, a local parents email list to get rid of finger paints and chalk, and Freecycledother random items from a full roll of shelf liner to an HP printer/fax/scanner/copier that only functions as a printer. And I’ve donated books to More Than Words and clothing and small housewares to Goodwill.

After getting the excess out I felt much better and lighter. I guess that is the upside of a major renovation project. Stay tuned for more kitchen related tips.