Knickknack Paddywack, Will The Stuff Come Back?

When I was getting ready for my kitchen renovation I first started to pack up the decorative items from the kitchen. As I took down everything I had displayed on the top pantry shelf and window sill, I realized how knickknacks have a way of multiplying.

I love the display of glass bottles on the window, but maybe the silver tea bag holder doesn’t need to be there. And it might be time for my beloved ornament from Ratatouille to find its way to the Christmas tree instead of the kitchen.

I looked at the window sill minus the jars, ornament and other things and thought hmm…this is nice.

I was reminded of another time when I put away knickknacks: when my daughter was a toddler. This coincided with the sale of our first house which worked out well; it was much easier to stage and show the condo without too many knickknacks around.

Once we moved to our current home many of the knickknacks stayed away, as I’ve blogged about before. The same thing might happen in the new kitchen. Bottles in, Ratatouille ornament out.

Can you live with more empty space? Is it time for you to take a fresh look at your space and see if you can lighten up? Sometimes taking away (and donating!) a few knickknacks in your room can make a huge difference.