An Organized Holiday: Gift Giving

I love finding the perfect gift for someone, but often gifts end up being just more stuff…stuff we may not really need or love. Here are some tips for thinking outside the gift box:

  • For consumables, think food! Wines, olives, candies, and cookies are a good start…or how about chocolate (or beer) of the month club?
  • If you can make some goodies, think of food that can be made in batches: each year my family makes a secret recipe of sweet + spicy nuts. Other friends have made granola or candies.
  • Turn it into a party! Some of my book club gals have started a tradition of Book club Baking Night. We meet at one friend’s house and each make a different treat. By the end of the night, we leave with several gift bags full of goodies. 
  • My other favorite gift is something that is an experience – tickets, museum membership, or going out for a special day with the gift giver. Each year my in-laws give us a family membership to a museum that we enjoy all year long.
  • Overwhelmed by gifts? See if you can do a gift swap (pick name out of a hat) or get a gift for the whole family like a museum membership.
  • If your family is really into gifts, why not ask others what they’d like? Or use online wish lists like amazon.