An Organized Holiday: Gift Wrapping

Now that you have the gifts, it’s time to wrap ‘em up! But can you find the paper and bows? Get your gift wrapping supplies in order.

  • First consolidate all your papers and wrapping supplies in one area – then you know what you have, and what you are missing. Last year I noticed that I had so much wrapping paper. I realized that I’d pick it up after the holidays on sale…but now I have plenty to last me for years.
  • Do you always end up wrapping gifts on the dining room table? Then look for a drawer in an armoire or cupboard near your dining area and keep the supplies there.
  • I love my Rubbermaid wrap-n-craft container: the rolls of wrapping paper stand up, and it also has space for tissue paper and boxes. It stands in the closet in my family room since that is the area where the gifts end up.
  • Want to simplify? Come up with a signature wrap. I had a friend who wrapped everything in butcher block paper and fun bows, or think about shiny silver that works for the holidays, birthdays and weddings!
  • Many people I know are skipping the wrapping paper and only using gift bags. This streamlines the process…and maybe the gift recipient will use the bag next year.