Organizing Running Gear

I’m a runner and usually run in the morning, often before the sun is up. I have to get my run or exercise class in first thing in the morning or else it won’t happen!

Getting up early means I’ve got to be organized with my running stuff. Here’s how I do it:

  • I have a drawer (Ok, drawer and 1/2 another drawer) dedicated to my running clothes -capris, leggings, shirts, and bras are all in one spot. To get my shirts to fit, I use Marie Kondo’s method of folding shirts. Keeping everything that I need to put on in one spot makes it easy to get ready, even if I’m half asleep. I do usually try to put out my outfit the night before.

  • Downstairs in my small mudroom area, I have a bin for my gear. This includes outer layers of different weights, hats/ear warmers, water bottles, and other running accessories.

  • In the bin I have a tote bag with the running things I use most often: it’s only used for running gear and I try to keep it stocked. If I’m driving to a spot to meet friends for a run or I’m going to a race, I always take this bag. Within the bag I use smaller zippered pouches to keep similar items together.

  • My shoes are right near the back door in this same mudroom area, along with my keys, so I can put on my shoes, grab my keys and get out there!

What can you do? You don’t have to fold your shirts a specific way to get out the door in the morning. Here are some tips to try:

  • Store the things you use for a certain activity in a dedicated spot - whether it is a drawer, a shelf, a cubby, or a bag.

  • Then put the things back in this spot and you’ll know they will be there when you need it next. This is key to making your systems work!

  • Use smaller bags to organize/keep things together within a bigger bin or bag. Clear quart or gallon bags can work well.

  • Keep similar items together - shirts with shirts, shoes with shoes.

  • Keep items near where you use them - shoes and keys near the main door.

If you need help setting up a system for your stuff, contact me today.

Running clothes drawer.png