Organizing a Kid’s Craft Space

Last weekend I worked with one of my toughest customers: my daughter! Believe me, I understand how hard it can be to get other family members to organize their stuff.

We tackled her most challenging area: her craft space.

My daughter is fortunate that she has a little room just for her crafts - with nearly 8 feet of table top space.  When she outgrew her little kid table and chairs we took a trip to IKEA and got her two desks tops and a drawer unit. I thought that would be plenty of room for her to work and still have projects in process. But for the past few months things have just piled up, piled up, and piled up. 

After asking her to “clean up” her craft space for several weeks to no avail, I just pulled the curtains across so I wouldn’t have to look at the clutter (no door in this space). My daughter wondered why the curtains were closed and I told her.

She finally said to me, “Mom, I want your help.” I decided to treat her as one of my clients and get to work.

  • Gather supplies. We got her trash can and recycle bin out, and I dove in.
  • Sort and weed. I held up item after item and asked, “Do you need this? Do you want this? Where does it go?”
  • Give everything a home. We repurposed some glass jars and other bins, to keep the things she used most right at her fingertips. 
  • Label. We put “like with like” and then labeled the drawers. (My daughter loves using my label maker.)

My daughter got excited when she found things she had been missing, and was also ready to let go of some half-done projects.

A week in and she has been creating a lot more projects—and keeping the space clean!