Hate to Get Dressed? Great Tips to Love your Wardrobe Again

When you open your closet in the morning, do you love getting dressed…or do you want to run away and hide? Or maybe you don’t even open your closet, but instead shift through the clothes piled on the chair or dresser.

Here’s some inspiration to refresh and re-organize your wardrobe:

First, watch how experts help a local mom with her questions about her wardrobe in the latest videos on This Mom Needs Help:

  • Get Dressed With Style (with the amazing image consultant Ginger Burr) will help you weed through the closet clutter and find the clothes you truly love.
  • Get Local Fashion (with the fabulous Laura Pierce) shows you how to shop boutiques locally for wardrobe basics – and those “wow” pieces that add flair to your regular routine.

Next, use my top tips for closet organization and give your closet a makeover – even 15 minutes of purging can make a big difference!

  • Do a sort and purge each spring and fall. Donate any items that you don’t fit or that you don’t love to wear. Be ruthless in getting rid of things you haven’t worn in over a year.
  • Get the stuff that doesn’t belong out of the closet; maybe you can relocate the vacuum, towels or boxes of papers.
  • Don’t overstuff your closet! You need room to easily take items out, and put them away.

And finally, here’s a fun article about how closet space in NYC apartments affect the real estate value. It may make you feel better about the space you have!

If you need help making your closet a wonderful space for you, contact me at elizabeth@thatsneatorganizing.com or 617-905-7762 today!