The Party Closet

This week I helped a client clear a lot of post-vacation and post-party clutter that was in her living room, dining room and kitchen. One of the most fun projects (yes, I think organizing is fun!!!) was tidying up her Party Closet. 

This client is fortunate to have two large closets by her front door. One is used for coats, and the other stores party items—what I now call the Party Closet. 

The client told me she created this party storage area 15 years ago and it really works. It’s a brilliant idea if you have the space.

What makes this work?

  • It’s a great location. It is right outside the dining room and kitchen, where these items are used.
  • While some families may need the second closet for coats, this client has several kids and hosts all kinds of parties, at her home and at other venues. It’s a good use of space for her.
  • She uses every inch of space in the closet: her tablecloths are stored on hangers hung from the clothing bar. The party serving wear is stored on the top shelf. On the bottom are clear labeled bins filled with party napkins, paper plates, serving wear, and utensils.
  • Everything can be easily seen, removed and put away.

I was so inspired by her idea I had to share it!