Favorite Container #11: Food Storage Container Drawer

“What do I do with my Tupperware®/food storage containers?” is one of the top questions I hear from clients when organizing their kitchen.

And with Thanksgiving around the corner (= leftovers), I thought it would be appropriate to focus on the food storage container drawer in my kitchen for this month’s post in My Favorite Container series.

Yes, a drawer can be a “container.” I’ve already highlighted my kitchen’s flatware organizer drawer…and another favorite part of my kitchen is the deep drawer where I keep my food storage containers.

Here are my tips for keeping your food storage containers organized:

  • Store in a drawer. A drawer is the best spot for food storage containers. It’s so simple to open the drawer and then see what you have. (Much better than having stacks of containers tipping on cabinet shelves.) Just make sure you can easily access the drawer.
  • Purge the containers you have. Do you really need stacks of leftover delivery containers? Do all your containers have a matching lid? Keep only the containers you use all the time.
  • Find a kind you like, whether glass or plastic, and then if you need to buy some new ones, buy similar shaped containers. Squares stack and fit well in a drawer, but as you can see, I also have some round containers as well.
  • Stack containers by shape. You can see my stacks of containers in the drawer. Makes it pretty easy to see what goes where. On the right side of the drawer are the smallest containers for my daughter’s lunch box.
  • Corral the lids in one container. Then it’s easy to see what you have. Or use the kind of containers where thelids stick to the bottom. You can also use drawer dividersto section off the lids in the drawer.

Wishing you many happy leftovers!