What’s in your Freezer?

Do you know what’s in your freezer? August is the time to get it cleaned out and organized. If you’ve been travelling a lot this summer, or just out having fun, you may have forgotten what’s sitting way in the back. And as an added bonus, when it’s hot outside you’ll appreciate a few minutes in the cold!


To get started, read my blog post on organizing your freezer.

If you have a second fridge or freezer in the basement, a professional organizer friend had a simple way to keep track of what’s inside: she uses a magnetic white board on the outside of the freezer and keeps a running list. You don’t even have to open the freezer to know that you have chicken and sausages inside.

Here’s another option from my cousin Janna (organizer/photo stylist/maker-of-amazing linens): she keeps a freezer inventory in a three ring binder. Read more in her previous blog post here.

Since I often get freebie magnetic boards I’m going to try out that idea and see how it works.