15 Minute Organizing: Kitchen Utensils

Here’s a quick organizing project to clear through some kitchen clutter: organize your utensils.

  • Pull out all the utensils and tools, and put similar kinds together. You may discover that you have 5 spatulas and no whisks.
  • Pare down and only keep those that you really love to use.
  • Get rid of anything that’s broken. Donate good utensils that you never use.
  • Find a large enough jar to store them on your counter, or designate a drawer.

I like to keep the tools I use all the time out on the counter in various containers so I can quickly grab them while cooking. Yes I may have more than you’d expect, but they really all get used.

I keep the small ones in a small, colorful vase so they don’t get lost in the bottom of the larger container or back of a drawer. All the utensils sit right next to the stove within easy reach.