Get Organized in January!

Happy New Year! The National Association of Professional Organizers has deemed January national Get Organized month! What better time to make a fresh start and a plan to simplify, de-clutter and better enjoy life!

If getting organized is on your list this year, you aren’t alone. Once again in 2010, according to the Franklin Covey Resolution Survey, “get organized” is one of the top 10 resolutions.

Each January I take time to set goals and list what I want to accomplish in my business, and in other parts of my life (like what to tackle on the ever-growing household improvement list). Readers of my email newsletter, The Neat Sheet, may remember that last January I wrote about the importance of “resetting”—taking time to put things back in place or take care of regular tasks. My reset goal for 2009 was to set up a system to process and save my daughter’s artwork. While I improved in the processing of her artwork and projects, (i.e. saving vs. throwing out or sending to grandma) pretty quickly, it took me until last Fall to do the final sort of everything, and to find a good storage system. Once I accomplished this, I felt a great weight off my mind. And now saving and filing those masterpieces is super simple.

What about 2010? This year I want to focus on time: making better use of time to further my business goals, while also NOT forgetting to include time for myself.

I also plan to try and “sprint” to accomplish some personal and business projects that I’d love to get off my list this year. Taking a cure from my husband’s software development team, I’m going to “sprint” = focus on a specific goal for 2-3 weeks, then check in to see how I did. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I hope you will take time this January to set some goals to help you live a simpler, happier and more organized life in 2010. Best wishes!