How to Organize a Teen Girl's Clothing Closet

My high-schooler generally wants me to stay away from her closet. But recently she let me help her, a little bit, to review what was in her closet and purge out some things that didn’t fit or that she just never wore. Why? She realized she was nearly out of room for new sweaters since her closet was already stuffed.

While working with my girl, I realized there are 5 keys to organizing a teenager’s closet:

My girl and her updated closet from several years ago (Preteen )

My girl and her updated closet from several years ago (Preteen )

  1. Put what she wears most often front and center. Shelves or the clothing bars that are the easiest to reach should hold the clothing that is used the most.

  2. Have options besides the hanging bar. Does your teen need space for folded sweaters, pjs, sports gear? Would bins or hooks work better than clothes on hangers?

  3. Keep it simple. If the closet ends up with bins for categories of clothing that’s fine. Clothes don’t have to hang from the bar. If the closet doors never open easily, take them off and use a curtain instead. See what simple system works for your kid.

  4. Weed out clothes regularly, at least each spring and fall. Model the same behavior for your teen—maybe you have a day when everyone in the house cleans out their closets. Then have your child come with you when you donate the extra clothing.

  5. Include a laundry hamper. Make sure there is a bin, basket, or hamper in your teen’s closet. If they can drop clothing on the floor, they can drop it in the hamper.

Make sure to involve your teen in any closet changes or upgrades. Maybe she can paint the inside of the closet a cool new color, pick out fun fabric for closet curtains, or select new bins. Getting her involved in the process of organizing, selecting storage, deciding what to keep and donate, will help you have closet success!