The Strategy of 1


Many of my clients feel they never have time to organize, and I can sympathize. Next time you feel this way try the Strategy of 1: only de-clutter 1 drawer, 1 cabinet, or 1 space that is bothering you. 

Tonight I cleaned out my "junk drawer" in the kitchen. It took less than 15 minutes and now I know what's in there. How can the Strategy of 1 help you? 

  • Organize 1 drawer in the kitchen; if you do 1 per day you'll get through them in a week 
  • Weed out 1 filing drawer in your office
  • De-clutter 1 corner of your bedroom

I find that focusing on a single area can be much less overwhelming, and help you build motivation to do more. This month try the Strategy of 1.

Read about my recent project where I focused on one space on the That's Neat Blog.

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