More Than A Toy Story

Have you seen Toy Story 3 yet? Our family saw it last month and really enjoyed the movie. It’s a fun coming of age story for Andy and his toys. (And anyone who grew up with Mr. Potato Head, a slinky dog, green army men, or Barbie and Ken will love those scenes.)

While watching Toy Story 3 I couldn’t help but see (behind my 3D glasses) that the movie also shares a powerful message about what to do with things when you outgrow them. I won’t give all the plot away but an important scene involves Andy and his mom “sorting” his toys into “keep” and “donate” piles.

Andy struggles while making the decisions, which is very true to life. It’s not easy to decide to part with something that was once a treasured possession. But Andy’s plan for his most-loved toys at the end was touching.

Enjoy the show!