Reduce the Excuse….Plan Ahead

It is so easy to make excuses to avoid things we know we should do. I always had an excuse for why I didn’t exercise regularly or go to the gym.

That all changed a few months ago. After years of walking, yoga, and Pilates, I decided to  ramp up my routine when I heard about a “boot camp” workout from Karna Fitness. This is a VERY early morning class and I thought, why not? I won’t have anything else going on at that time…except of course for sleep! So I went from 0 aerobic exercise to a serious workout 2x a week, and I feel great.

While it’s hard to get going in the morning, my amazing instructor emailed with excellent advice before the first class: get your workout clothes together, have your sneakers by the door, fill your water bottle and leave a quick snack on the table the night before.

This routine has really helped me be able to get out the door at 5:40am. It’s the planning ahead that helps me reduce the excuses and take care of myself.

What are you making excuses for? Can planning ahead help?