Organizing for Emergencies: Be Prepared

Here in the Boston area this week we had the rare experience of an earthquake (I didn’t even notice it!), and now predictions are for a hurricane this weekend. And recently we’ve had devastating tornadoes in central Massachusetts, not a common occurrence. We just never know what mother nature is planning.

Today I was thinking about what we might need to do before the impending hurricane, and I heard some good advice from the local emergency management officials: Make a list of what you need to take inside during a hurricane, including bicycles, kids toys, lawn furniture, hanging plants, and awnings.

A list, music to my ears! And a great idea to make the list before the storm hits.

This got me thinking about other tips for emergencies:

  • Have a list with your insurance company name and contact information, and your policy numbers; even better – have a copy of your declarations page.
  • Know where your flashlights and extra batteries are.
  • Also have candles and matches handy.
  • Discuss an emergency plan with your family – where you would meet up if you were separated, where you would evacuate?
  • Have your first aid kit stocked.
  • If you did have to leave your home, what special items and photos would you want to take?
  • And of course, have some extra water and food on hand.

For more details on preparing for an emergency, check out professional organizer Judith Kolberg’s Organizing for Disaster and the website Hopefully you won’t ever need to use your emergency plan or supplies, but it’s much better to be prepared, just in case.