Summer Guests

Do you have friends or family coming to visit this summer? Here are some tips to help get you organized.

Put the visits on your calendar, so you know who is coming when! I love to use Google calendar that is shared with my husband.

Create a quick “cheat sheet” for your home with key information for guests: how to get on the wireless network, how to work the TV, and any quirks about how to lock the house or where you keep the extra keys.

If you are short on space or don’t have a dedicated guest room, you can still create an inviting space for guests:

  • Have your inflatable mattress or bed ready to go, or sleeping bags for kids.
  • Be sure to have some extra linens and towels on hand, and have them out and ready, so your guests don’t have to go searching through your linen closet to find what they need.
  • Create a guest supply station in a cabinet or closet shelf. (For more tips on creating this station, see the tips for June in my 12 Months of Organizing Calendar…on sale for 50% off!)