We excel at helping all kinds of families streamline their lives so they can spend more time together, save money, and have peace of mind. 



New Parents: Life as a new parent can be overwhelming. Work with That’s Neat! Organizing™ to develop the storage and systems you’ll need. Example services include setting up a beautiful and efficient nursery, creating storage for all those toys, managing quickly-outgrown clothing, and developing routines so you get out the door (with what you need!). We can also help you prepare to go back to work after maternity leave.

Kids Rooms, Teen Spaces and Playrooms: If you want a more fun and functional children’s room or playroom, we'll help you clear the clutter, find creative storage solutions, and give you tips so it's easy for your kids to put away their clothes, books, and toys. Older kids also need their own space. We can update outdated rooms for teens, or create a hang-out spot everyone will love.

Support for Students: Is your child starting to get homework in elementary school? Perhaps your child is having trouble keeping track of assignments and completing projects on time with the new demands of middle or high school. That’s Neat! Organizing can help your student get on the path to school success. Services include organizing a homework station and file system, backpack tune-up, and time management.

Message Center: Improve communication within your family by setting up a central message hub. Learn ways to share appointments, schedules, and important information, and better manage your time.

Tame those Family Trouble Spots: Do you have piles of children’s artwork that you’d like to display or save? Are toys scattered throughout every room of the house? Do you have a basement or attic filled with clothes that no longer fit your child? Work with That’s Neat! Organizing to learn simple storage solutions and strategies to deal with these everyday challenges.