Papers, Files and the Mail

Is your kitchen counter or desk filled with piles of papers? Is your file cabinet stuffed to capacity? Can you find what you need at tax time? Do important documents and bills fall through the cracks? Do you avoid opening the mail so it piles up instead?

Don't worry, we've seen it all. Papers and file systems are the #1 issue for our clients.

That's Neat! Organizing™ has the expertise to help you regain control of your papers. We'll take stock of what you have, help you determine what you need to keep, and create customized strategies and systems so you can maintain organization. We also assist with electronic file organization and systems.  

Maintenance Systems & Support

Hate to read the mail, file, or fill out forms? That's Neat! Organizing is happy to take on routine tasks including mail sorting, filing, and completing basic forms. Many of our clients have ADHD and these tasks present real challenges. We provide the accountability - and extra set of hands - to help you complete critical tasks and projects. Read more about Elizabeth's training and experience in working with chronically disorganized clients. 

Desk De-clutter

The average office worker spends three hours a week sorting piles and looking for the next project to work on. Reclaim your desk today, whether it's in your office, home office, or your kitchen table.